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Landline: 01948 841192
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Contact this business by email

Oaklands Auction, based at Oakland Farm in Shrewsbury, is the ideal solution for buyers and sellers in the Shropshire region.

Well-respected within the local community, Oaklands Auctions are auctioneers in Shrewsbury and a real success story for North Shropshire.

A family-run business in Weston-under-Redcastle, the company has developed a range of start-up units following popular demand from local people.

Oaklands, who have seen a substantial increase in customer enquiries and more than 45,000 new visits to their website recently, look to provide space for local crafts people, business executives, traders and artists to showcase themselves and their products.

A general auction is held every two weeks with a series of specialist individual auctions following thereafter. Oaklands operate a number of professional, reliable and ethical clearance services, from which many sale items are sourced.

However, anyone can submit goods to be sold at their auctions as long as you register and adhere to auction regulations.

For prospective buyers, items can be viewed prior to auction using their online auction catalogue.

As a dedicated antiques and collectibles auctioneer, they have a vast outside space for larger sale items such as cars, caravans, trailers and garden products, as well as a dedicated area for smaller items such as tools and equipment.

As part of their increasing development as a business, the company is also establishing beneficial links with other local businesses to develop its plans for expansion further.

Oaklands also runs annual events, such as the Antique Fair in Shrewsbury that runs for two days and allows for a range of items to be bought and sold.

Proudly boasting sales of over 2000 items per weekend, the Oaklands is the ideal place to regularly buy and sell.

Oaklands Auction, based at Oakland Farm in Shrewsbury, is a specialist in finding antiques, heirlooms and collectibles and turning them into cash. Visit their website to find out more about the number one auctioneer in the Shropshire region.